Appointing a new headteacher without haste

What was the issue addressed?

Recruitment of a new head teacher – this is on-going. This was prompted by the unexpected retirement of an experienced and successful head. The challenge is in making sure the process wasn’t rushed so we could make sure we recruited the right person. Additionally, the school is apparently seen as a challenging school and there is a fear we will not attract the right calibre of person to the role. It is very important to all of us governors that the school continues to provide an excellent education for our children in a particularly multicultural context. The school is well thought of and looks after the wellbeing of children and parents well.

What happened?

The governing body agreed to plan for a gap rather than rush recruitment. This involved giving the current deputy a chance to step up for an interim period. This deputy is unfortunately unable to apply for the role as they have not had the relevant training (this was a little difficult to understand initially). We used the expertise of the consortium and LA to support us in making the right decision.

What lessons were learnt?

Although we haven’t yet made an appointment, we believe the right pathway has been taken. You cannot rush the appointment of a headteacher.


If your school had to unexpectedly appoint a new headteacher, what would you do?

What is your school doing to ensure deputy headteachers are developing their skills and receiving appropriate training?

Have your say…

Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?

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