Addressing health and safety issues relating to the school building

What was the issue addressed?

At the primary school I have been asked to deal with a health and safety issue because of my background and my role as an LA councillor. There are problems with the brickwork on the building and scaffolding has been put on a large area of the school. This is causing some access problems, cuts off some of the playground and barriers have been placed outside the school to protect it. This has caused problems with the security of those barriers and parking at the school.

What happened?

I have been in touch with the LA on more than one occasion to get clarification of the plan to identify the work that is required and timelines for doing it and how to resolve the problems with space and safety of the playground with the scaffolding there. I have also asked twice for the barriers on the road to be made secure and to be aligned in such a way that parking is not possible in that area.

What lessons were learnt?

The issues haven’t been resolved yet and getting answers from the Local Authority is taking time. This teaches me that raising questions and addressing problems, if it requires LA support, needs to be started sooner rather than later.


Has your school had any building issues that also raise health and safety concerns? What did you do to address these?

Do you know which governors have the skills to take on responsibilities for building work and related health and safety issues? 

Have your say…

Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?

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