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How to make sure policies are fit for purpose

What was the issue addressed? Reorganising of the business of school governors – in our case it became clear in the run up to an inspection by Estyn that the governing body was only paying lip service to keeping policies up to date. What happened? The decision was made to create a policy committee.  TheContinue reading “How to make sure policies are fit for purpose”

Resolving complaints made by parents against teachers

What was the issue addressed? There was a complaint from a parent against the teacher of her primary age children.  She sent a letter to the education department, headteacher and Chair of governors. The mother was very irate in her letter threatening all sorts of ways of taking further action. What happened? As we hadContinue reading “Resolving complaints made by parents against teachers”

Becoming a federated governing body

What was the issue addressed? Our governing body changed to become a federated governing body. It took time to understand and address the merger of policies and staffing into a federated model. What happened? We received support from the Local Authority in forward planning a timetable for review of policies. There was heavy reliance onContinue reading “Becoming a federated governing body”

Accepting the closure of a school

What was the issue addressed? Our headteacher was overworked and under pressure, facing the prospect of becoming the only teacher in our small school. The governors wanted to support her but knew that the position of our school was probably untenable, due to dwindling numbers. Some governors wanted to fight on and remain open, butContinue reading “Accepting the closure of a school”

Managing difficult decisions about staff redundancies

What was the issue addressed? Mostly around decreasing budgets, having to face cuts and implement these cuts. For example, there was a HR process required to decide which TA contracts will be renewed/redundant.  We decided that infants TA hours would not be reduced as much as junior TA hours. What happened? There was then anContinue reading “Managing difficult decisions about staff redundancies”

Addressing the fallout from a poor school evaluation

What was the issue addressed? I was appointed as Chair of Governors of a school in a low Estyn category. The senior staff were in denial and governors felt that they had not been properly advised about issues in the school What happened? A new Headteacher was appointed who had a totally different outlook. WeContinue reading “Addressing the fallout from a poor school evaluation”

Anonymous allegations against members of staff

What was the issue addressed? Anonymous letter allegedly from a member of staff making allegations against the headteacher and other members of staff, and questioning the running of the school. What happened? A governor, with relevant experience elected to investigate. I am not aware of any support or help received from other agencies. A meetingContinue reading “Anonymous allegations against members of staff”

Seeking advice dealing with a competency issues relating to the headteacher

What was the issue addressed? I had to deal with a competency issue related to the headteacher. It was difficult to find a neutral voice outside the LA to advise me. What happened? I used Governor Services Wales helpline and found it lifesaving. They offered confidential, discreet and unbiased advice. The officer was empowering toContinue reading “Seeking advice dealing with a competency issues relating to the headteacher”

Consequences of reduced budgets

What was the issue addressed? Each year budgets have been significantly reduced – including 6th form funding.  Lack of longer term budgets (3 years was promised several years ago but never delivered).  Lack of consistency of funding across authorities – funding formula differs in the counties. The year on year reductions in funding has resultedContinue reading “Consequences of reduced budgets”

Dismissing a member of staff for incompetence

What was the issue addressed? We had to dismiss a member of staff because they could no longer fulfil their duties. The Local Authority HR department acted as an advocate for the staff member rather than an advisor to the GB. What happened? We had to take independent advice and then carefully work through theContinue reading “Dismissing a member of staff for incompetence”