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Appointing a new headteacher key to addressing other school issues

What was the issue addressed? Large budget deficit, unsatisfactory Estyn report and a series of acting headteachers. We also faced a problem of overstaffing and an adviser who attempted to rectify the situation as we did not have a permanent headteacher in place. What happened? Overstaffing was difficult to resolve because the LA had triedContinue reading “Appointing a new headteacher key to addressing other school issues”


Appointing a new headteacher without haste

What was the issue addressed? Recruitment of a new head teacher – this is on-going. This was prompted by the unexpected retirement of an experienced and successful head. The challenge is in making sure the process wasn’t rushed so we could make sure we recruited the right person. Additionally, the school is apparently seen asContinue reading “Appointing a new headteacher without haste”