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Consequences of reduced budgets

What was the issue addressed?

Each year budgets have been significantly reduced – including 6th form funding.  Lack of longer term budgets (3 years was promised several years ago but never delivered).  Lack of consistency of funding across authorities – funding formula differs in the counties. The year on year reductions in funding has resulted in lack of resources; having to use outdated computing equipment; reduction in teaching, classroom support and admin staff.

Reduction in funding nationally resulted in the demise of a very useful and important source of information and advice (Governors Wales) – fortunately this service has been resurrected through funding provided by the schools out of their own budgets. Whist school funding has reduced, it appears that funding of regional consortia has increased.

What happened?

Communicated with the LA, other county Governing bodies, Welsh Government Minister for education. Responses were provided by the Ministry of Excuses!

What lessons were learnt?

Lessons learnt – no point in trying to swim against the tide!!


Has your school suffered negative effects of reduced funding?

What has your school done to mitigate against the adverse effects of budget cuts?

Have your say… Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?


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