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Managing difficult decisions about staff redundancies

What was the issue addressed? Mostly around decreasing budgets, having to face cuts and implement these cuts. For example, there was a HR process required to decide which TA contracts will be renewed/redundant.  We decided that infants TA hours would not be reduced as much as junior TA hours. What happened? There was then anContinue reading “Managing difficult decisions about staff redundancies”


Understanding school budgets better

What was the issue addressed? Every year there is confusion as to what is and isn’t covered in budget headings by LMS (Local management of schools). This lack of knowledge makes budgetary management difficult. Too often governors are nodding things through. Even the leadership team of the school are lacking confidence and knowledge to challenge.Continue reading “Understanding school budgets better”

High performing school needing to find additional income through staff secondment

What was the issue addressed? The financial disadvantages to school budgets and support by being a high performing school with minimal PDG, take up of free school meals etc. What happened? We are constantly looking for other avenues of funding, which mainly involves the Head or another teacher being seconded out to the LEA orContinue reading “High performing school needing to find additional income through staff secondment”