Resolving complaints made by parents against teachers


Schools should deal with complaints swiftly and sensitively.  Complainants need to know that their concerns are being taken seriously and that they are being listened to, which was the case here.  Usually, the Chair and members of the governing body get involved in school-based complaints when there are concerns raised about the headteacher, or the complainant was not satisfied at the earlier stages in the complaints procedure. (There are 3 stages, with Stage 3 being heard by a committee of governors).

What isn’t clear in this situation, is at what stage the complaint was at, for the Chair and another governor to deal with the issue.  

Whilst the complainant was happy with the outcome of their concern, which was relayed during a meeting. There should always be a response provided in writing to conclude the process, as a letter of complaint was initially received. 

Further Information about school complaints can be found in this useful guidance

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