Safeguarding issues and need for LA support

What was the issue addressed?

Difficulty arising from safeguarding pupils who have very high support needs which are potentially too much for school staff to cope with effectively. Issues arose with a very few pupils causing high risk situations (one with a blade), to staff and other pupils. Pupils with such high support needs have not been accepted previously to my knowledge.

What happened?

We are still waiting for a meeting with education and inclusion people at the LA to discuss this and discover what has changed, if anything, in their understanding of the different types of support needs amongst pupils with learning difficulties and what we can provide.

What lessons were learnt?

My feelings are that they don’t want to meet us. If we have legal responsibility then we ought to be heard, yet I have been told that they don’t normally discuss anything with governors. I absolutely disagree with that. We need to be able to support our SLT in whatever way we can, otherwise we are just there to comply with what we are told… the traditional view from our LA?


Are there particular safeguarding or pupil wellbeing issues in your school?

To what extent do you feel your school is supported when dealing with children who need support?

Have your say…

Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?

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