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Financial shortfall and potential redundancies

What was the issue addressed?

Potential redundancies due to budget shortfall. The effect on staff morale. The impact on children’s learning. The impact on meeting requirements to raise standards. Satisfying all stakeholders that we are trying to provide an excellent service for all during trying financial times. The impact of not having a budgetary forecast beyond a year at a time.

What happened?

We put in place a plan to manage the potential redundancy situation in consultation with staff, unions and the LA  – Advice and guidance was provided by each of these ‘players’. Increasingly schools’ budgets are in the red. How do we deliver excellence and a new curriculum when we are under resourced? Sadly, it appears we were not alone as other schools were and are facing similar dilemmas.

Fortunately, we were able to resolve the issue more by good luck than by good management!! Two maternity leaves helped us reduce our staffing budget as we were able to redeploy staff internally to cover. However, the knock on effect was to reduce our intervention strategies for supporting pupils with additional learning needs and some staff PPA cover was undertaken by teaching assistants – not ideal, especially as we were due an inspection visit by Estyn!

A restructuring of TAs duties and their willingness to reduce their hours on a voluntary basis also helped lower our staffing costs. Some welcome additional income from the LA also helped.
So, financially we managed to remain in the black but the collateral ‘damage’ in terms of supporting children, staff morale and well-being remain areas of concern.

What lessons were learnt?

Perhaps greater opportunities to share potential solutions with others in a similar boat would have been useful – having said that there were time constraints as we had to work fast to resolve our difficulties and there was a strict schedule to follow in order to comply with employment law!


How have financial shortages affected your school?

How would your GB go about evaluating the potential impacts of redundancies?

Have your say… Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?


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