Reviewing and changing the evidence needed in a headteacher performance review


Every school will have performance management policy that sets out the parameters for the performance management process of school teaching staff and the headteacher.

Performance management provides the school teaching staff with the opportunity to reflect on and assess their practice against the professional standards during the year

 Objectives will be set which will contribute to the school development priorities and strategic planning. The governing body should ensure the timing of performance management is linked to the school’s planning year where feasible. It should not be an onerous process. Building this into the school’s schedule of work enables panel members to know well in advance when the process will take place. Above all, it is a supportive process.  Further guidance information on how to conduct the headteacher’s performance management is available here:

Performance management is a continuous process which includes planning, monitoring and reviewing. The panel is made up of at least 2 governors and up to 2 Local Authority representatives, who will agree the objectives, along with the headteacher. The overall discussion, however, will be informed by the progress of the school, prior attainment and the contribution the headteacher makes and has made towards securing school improvement. In addition, discussion will focus on the development and support required, all of which needs to take into account the work life balance of the headteacher.

Once targets have been set, there should be agreement as to how monitoring the headteacher’s performance takes place throughout the year.  Monitoring procedures can include a variety of methods, including the head teacher’s practice review and development record; the school development plan; school performance information etc., as well as informal in-year discussions.

It is certainly good practice for relevant paperwork and data to be sent out well in advance of the meeting. This will allow for careful consideration of information and a clear focus on discussion and will help to streamline the meeting.

Governors Cymru Services has produced terms of reference for the appraisal meeting:

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