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The demands of the governor role

What was the issue addressed?

I don’t think most governors are aware of the full range of their responsibilities and if I’m honest I don’t think they fulfil many of those responsibilities.

From my perspective as Chair, (and most Chairs are there not because they are hugely enthusiastic to do the job but because they are the ones who didn’t say ‘No’ when asked), it is quite alarming how much we are expected to know and do and we only get away with not knowing or not doing them, because no-one checks and if events don’t expose any shortfalls. 

What happened?

We are undertaking a self-evaluation exercise based on a framework devised by Governors Wales and it keeps revealing things we should be doing or have done or should do in the future, which we aren’t doing or aren’t doing as well as we should.

What lessons were learnt?

I’d like to see examples of how all the work of governance can be managed in a structured properly monitored way: maybe some kind of program which contains all the responsibilities and flags up when they need to be addressed.


What advice and guidance would you give to fellow governors about managing the workload?

Do tensions arise in your governing body caused by the demands of the role? What could you do to address these?

Have your say…

Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?


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