Suspension and dismissal of a member of the senior leadership team

What was the issue addressed?

As Chair I had to intervene with an issue in school in the Headteacher’s absence. The Headteacher was off sick at the time. As a result there was a conduct issue with a member of staff within school.
Then as Chair I took a whistleblowing call.

What happened?

I carried out an initial fact finding from a member of staff, a parent and governors.
Initially pulled together evidence and witness statements, (some historic) presented the evidence to Director of Education with recommendations, then suspended the member of staff.
I also liaised with Governor Support Services. 

What lessons were learnt?

Confidentiality was imperative. The disciplinary process is not expeditious nor acts in the favour of the school and the children. Having the right governor lead on the case and being one step ahead of the council. 

Lessons learnt = HR was incompetent.  Really lucky that we had the professional knowledge in the GB.  HR processes and protocols need to be more robust and laid out.


Is your GB equipped to deal with serious conduct issues concerning a member of staff?

Has your GB got policies in place in the event of absences from members of the leadership team?

Have your say…

Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?

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