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How to agree pay for staff migrating to a new school

What was the issue addressed?

Tough issue – negotiate and agree salary levels for a new substitute team for a brand new school. Difficult because some members of the governing body want to place all new deputies on the same pay as they are all going to be new in their job, while others want to acknowledge previous experience through salary variations.

I felt that the discussion was led by everyone on a ‘gut instinct’ basis rather than a firm and professional approach. I was happy with the final decisions but a little uncomfortable as it felt like ‘guess work’. No attendees made reference to guidelines or rules.

What happened?

Individuals on the governing body give their individual views. Local Authority officers advise. Proposals have been put forward.

What lessons were learnt?

The issue was resolved but I still feel a bit uncomfortable as we had not followed any recognized guidelines. Lesson – next time in a matter of this nature we will ask if guidance is available.


What policies does your school have in place to agree salary levels for new staff?

Is there a culture in your governing body of seeking professional advice and guidance?

Have your say… Have you had experiences similar to these? What do you think about the situation described?


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