Disruption and difficult revelations due to new headteacher appointment

What was the issue addressed?

Following the retirement of the Head Teacher, the popular Deputy was expected by staff, governors and parents to become the new Head. A much better candidate was successful and appointed. This caused some resentment among a small number of staff loyal to the Deputy, as well as disappointment and disillusionment in the Deputy. This led to senior members of staff going off on long term sickness.

Linked to this change, the SLT had believed that they were performing to a high standard and setting example for other schools in the county. They believed that their practices were effective and successful. The change of Head revealed that this was not the case. Discrepancies between teacher assessments and test results showed that teaching standards had slipped and pupils were making less progress than believed. The Governing Body did not understand data sufficiently to effectively challenge staff assumptions.

What happened?

The situation is still on-going but has created problems in trying to get new Head settled and school performing as it should. It is being addressed through installing interim SLT and HR sickness policy.

Series of reviews and mini-inspection being undertaken to identify current baselines and plans in place to address shortfalls. Training being undertaken.

What lessons were learnt?

Neither of the above have as yet been resolved but are work in progress and may take 12 months before we see improvement.


Have changes to members of your school’s senior leadership team caused staff morale problems? Has a change in leadership revealed previously hidden issues affecting school performance?

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